“Daddy, Daddy, please don’t die,”

my 8-year-old son Sammy yelled.

I felt the vice-like grip of pain in my chest as I lay paralyzed on the ground outside my house.
I was just playing football with my son.
And now this happened.

Sammy looked on in horror. I had no idea my nightmare had only just begun. This was only the beginning of the destruction of my health, my happiness, my peace of mind, and the life I loved so much.

Image Hey there. My name is Earl McKinney. I’m just a regular guy from San Diego, California, and today I’d like to reveal to you how a small tribe in the Himalayan mountains had the answer to reversing my crippling fatty liver disease forever. 

The discovery I made has left medical doctors stunned and bewildered, scratching their heads and wondering how it works so well.

It has enabled me to completely heal the damage to my inflamed fatty liver after 14 years with the condition. It eradicated tiredness, sickness, nervousness, digestive problems, weight issues, lower torso pain, skin disorders like acne and eczema, brain fog, sleeping problems and headaches, and it helped me get my life back.

My doctor told me many times
that fatty liver was a very
dangerous condition.


And if left untreated could lead to cirrhosis
and even cancer.


But after discovering a 100% natural solution to fatty liver that doesn’t involve any medication, I have effectively healed my fatty liver condition, eliminated fatigue, depression, memory issues, lack of energy, and skin allergies, shed over 110 pounds of unwanted fat, and felt 15 years younger.

No matter what you’ve heard from your doctor, you’re about to discover just how easy it is to reverse scarred fatty liver issue when you follow a simple protocol that has worked for literally thousands of people I have helped.

But whenever there’s a breakthrough, there’s always a backlash, so please watch this presentation now while I’m still able to keep it online.

I’ve got some good news for you, however.

The breakthrough method I’m about to reveal to you here has helped over 37,489 people of every age to naturally heal their fatty liver condition in just 21 days or less – and regain their health and well being.


You can do the exact same thing.

No matter what age you are.

No matter how mild or severe your inflamed, fatty liver symptoms are.

Whether you’ve had a fatty liver condition for 1 week or 15 years and your fatty liver is diseased or scarred or functions poorly…

Or are suffering from moderate to severe side effects because of your meds.

Now I absolutely understand that what I’m saying here may be hard to take in.

After all, it goes against the grain of what conventional medical wisdom has told you.

It goes against what you’ve heard from the media because they make their money from advertising revenue from Big Pharma, especially since it became legal to advertise prescription medications on TV like Ursodiol.


Big Pharma also make a stack of money from big medical procedures used to treat the health problems associated with fatty liver disease.


To be honest, if I had been listening to this information years ago, I’d have been filled with some doubt... before I felt the life-changing healing effects of what I’m about to share with you now.

I heard a wise man say once that doubt is poison and an open mind is the greatest healer. So I thank God that, in the midst of my illness, my mind was open to new ideas such as this powerful natural solution to rid myself of fatty liver FOREVER.

Just like Sam Johnson from Montreal, Canada, who suffered from fatty liver for 9 years.


Sam had the classic inflamed fatty liver symptoms of back pain, abdominal pain and lower torso discomfort... coupled with feeling nauseous and suffering from a loss of appetite.

He also had yellowish skin and the whites of his eyes looked yellow.

Despite going along with his doctor’s advice, taking Actos and Avandia and trying many different fad diets, for 9 years in a vain attempt to control his fatty liver condition, Sam still suffered from tiredness, high cholesterol, bloating, and extra weight.

Doctors had tried in vain to lower and control his cholesterol and triglyceride levels using Lipitor and Crestor.

But after hearing about this natural home remedy, his fatty liver symptoms all but disappeared and have not come back.

After just one week and 4 days on the treatment, his scarred fatty liver symptoms vanished and he optimized his liver health and performance.

He said goodbye to his pain, discomfort, bloating and 23 pounds of extra weight.

He is also a lot less likely to experience liver failure, a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

And how about Marilyn Carter from Boise, Idaho 


She too struggled for 7 years and 4 months with an enlarged fatty liver.

She was a regular binge drinker of alcohol. She struggled with depression, was 100 pounds overweight, and tried her best to lose excess pounds all her life. She also suffered from brain fog and hypertension.

She found my remedy when she was running out of options in May of 2016.

After trying this natural remedy, she restored her liver’s health to full working capacity, and her symptoms diminished dramatically over the course of one week and then finally disappeared after 2 weeks.

Her skin got smoother and clearer. Her energy levels soared.
Her brain fog and depression disappeared.
After approximately 4 months, she lost 47 pounds and feels like herself again. 

And then there’s Jim McCarthy from Queens, New York.


He enjoyed an active life in his 20s and 30s until life really started to slow down for him when his kids came along.

He had patchy, dark skin discoloration on his neck and underarm area. He had abdominal pains, memory problems, cramping, impaired judgment, trouble concentrating, tiredness and fatigue. He felt like his food was not digesting too.

After trying different fatty liver medications from his doctor like Actigall and Urso and struggling with different fad diets to get his life back, he made a promise to himself to find a natural solution.

He wanted his life back. And he got it back!

Since trying out this all-natural remedy, his fatty liver is now a distant memory, and he has restored his liver health.

It took just 23 days for him to become symptom-free.

No longer does he fear having more attacks of memory loss, pain and cramping, or bloating, and his weight has dropped dramatically since trying my protocol.

His sleep has improved, and he has more energy.

His risk of end-stage liver failure or cancer is now a fraction of what it was.

“You have changed my life,” he says.

These are just a handful of the thousands of success stories I can share from people who have given me such positive feedback since I went public with this solution to fatty liver. I could fill a book with many more similar success stories.

You may be thinking right now, so what is this fatty liver solution?

You may be wondering how a regular 54-year-old fella like me managed to stumble across this powerful solution and end up here sharing it with you.

Allow me to quickly share with you
my amazing story.


Approx. 18 Years ago, I was just a regular 36-year-old guy, getting on a bit in age.

Like a lot of men my age, the arrival of my kids had slowed down life a little for me.

I was exercising less than in my 20s, and the weight was piling on.

Along with the gradual weight gain, my skin broke out with eczema flares and rashes. I felt slow, tired, depressed, and nervous all the time. And I started calling in sick because I couldn’t concentrate while I was at work.

Before I knew it, I became overwhelmingly obese. None of my clothes fit anymore, and playing with my son became a serious challenge for me.

I knew something was wrong because I had honestly never felt so bad in my life. But when I saw my doctor, he simply repeated the same mantra that I needed to lose weight and lose it fast.

One early Monday morning as I was minding my son, Sammy, while my wife, Janet, was at work when “it” first happened.

We were playing our version of American football in the yard, with me playing the wide receiver role as I bounded down the garden.

And that’s when it happened


A tightness gripped my chest all of a sudden.

I thought for a second it might be some trapped wind or a stitch.

But it was obviously something far more sinister. The pain level started to grow rapidly.

It was a searing, crushing pain. I felt like I was going to pass out.

All of a sudden – without warning – I keeled over onto the ground, unable to move.

As my son Sammy looked on in horror, I lay there on the ground helpless.

It was a terrifying feeling.

I thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack.


My panicked mind thought up endless frightening possibilities.

I got Sammy to run and get the phone.

As his trembling hand gave it to me, I grabbed it and dialed 911.

Within 30 minutes I was rushed to the hospital.

I was busy being prodded and poked by a bunch of different doctors who were finalizing a diagnosis based on what had just happened, when my family showed up at the hospital.

My son Sammy looked scared. He reached out to hold my hand and said “Daddy, please don’t die.”

I felt my eyes tear up as I thought about what could have happened to him left all alone by himself in the house while I was helpless on the ground.

I felt embarrassed, like I had let my family down. And I was really worried about when this would happen again.

I felt embarrassed about my 300-pound out-of-shape body that I had neglected for so many years.

The doctor eventually told me it was a minor heart event.


I was stable now, but he wanted to keep an eye on me.

He said my weight and what I was eating were huge contributing factors here.

He wanted to run more tests.

And after a series of blood work, x-rays, and cat scans, he told me that the patterns in my liver enzyme levels indicated that if I didn't do anything to reverse the damage to my liver, my chances of developing liver cancer or deadly cirrhosis within the next 3 years were over 70%.

To begin with, my doctor told me that the main thing I needed to do was lose some weight...


And he was right...

However, he gave me absolutely no advice or guidance about what I should or shouldn't be eating!

He just told me I should start exercising and eat less.

Sound advice…

And I already knew all of that.

But how could I lose weight with a liver that was now ‘programmed’ to store fat?

Little did I know back then that this was just ONE of three major problems each fatty liver sufferer has to overcome on their way to recovery.


Problem #1:Most fatty liver conditions go undiagnosed by either the patient or the medical establishment.

Fatty Liver Disease is hard to diagnose because the majority of symptoms mimic health issues most people tend to blame on exiting their teens and entering into adulthood, such as memory loss, slow metabolism (difficulty to lose weight), lack of energy, trouble concentrating, etc.

Most doctors also misdiagnose fatty liver because the symptoms and physical ailments caused by fatty liver are so widespread.


Problem #2: The advice most doctors offer is useless and very generic at best and can even worsen your fatty liver condition.

The common advice given by most doctors when it comes to fatty liver is usually nonspecific to your fatty liver condition.

What’s even worse, the medication most doctors administer can be seriously toxic to your already enlarged and toxic liver.

Moreover, these medications can lead to many side effects, which can compromise the health and function of your liver and cause havoc to your health and well-being in the long run.


Problem #3: The liver plays a crucial role in weight loss.

Here’s how:

One of your liver's main tasks is to break down fat and convert it into energy, but when it's not functioning correctly, it simply can't handle the excess fat and can’t deal properly with the excess sugar, which results in stored fat in all the wrong places all over your body.

This makes losing weight an almost impossible task.

This is why your diets have failed.

It's like pouring water into a bucket, only to discover that the bucket is riddled with holes!

Image It's a classic Catch-22 situation, and most doctors simply don't have the nutritional expertise to solve it.

It’s extremely difficult to lose weight when you have fatty liver, but you must lose weight to properly heal and prevent its recurrence in the long run.

Since it was almost impossible for me to lose weight, I tried a number of medications to treat my fatty liver condition.

I tried Urso Forte, Betaine, Avandia, and Actigall, to name but a few. They were not effective though – to say the least.


As all these medications were just treating the surface level conditions of fatty liver and not the root cause.

During this time, I lost all faith in the doctors and their medical treatments.

Not one medical professional understood the simple alterations to eating habits and lifestyle that are proven to have a positive effect on fatty liver.


They didn’t seem concerned about my well-being and fixing this condition; instead, they opted for throwing drugs at it.

What was worse was that many of them didn’t warn me about the possible side effects of the medications.

They just handed out the pills like Avandia, and Actigall and hoped for the best. After all, it wasn’t their body, so why would they care?

What I failed to realize was the potentially dangerous (even deadly) side effects of these fatty liver disease drugs.

For example, one of the main side effects of Urso Forte is dizziness, along with nausea and constipation.

The high level of dizziness caused by this drug is a proven cause of serious injury, and even death, according to scientific research.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of accidental injury and death in people older than 65.

Still, many people remain uninformed of the dangers of dizziness or aren’t aware that one or more of their prescription drugs may leave them off-balance.


I tried Urso Forte, Betaine, Avandia, and Actigall, to name but a few. They were not effective though – to say the least.

Of course, despite the lack of effectiveness of some of these drugs and their side effects, the doctors kept insisting I needed them.

They said I risked my condition getting worse or becoming completely debilitating unless I continued taking the drugs or lose the extra weight as fast as possible.

But how?

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.


And then, just when I felt I’d hit rock bottom, when I believed it couldn’t possibly get worse… it did!

I was playing with Sammy one Sunday morning when it happened.

I picked him up to play his favorite game of airplane when I started to feel that tightness in my chest again.

I quickly put Sammy down and gripped my chest, doubling over from the pain and falling down onto my knees.

Sammy whimpered, “What’s wrong, Daddy?” I could barely answer him as I felt the sharp pain pulsating through my body.


“Daddy will be okay in just a second,” I mumbled. But I was NOT okay.

This was the worst pain I had experienced in months, despite now being on multiple medications for fatty liver.

About 4 hours later, the symptoms eased enough for me to make a quick phone call to get Sammy picked up at the house by a family friend.

I was taken to the hospital again.

I felt so helpless and worried, realizing these fatty liver related incidents could come at any time.


My doctor told me I was potentially facing more and more attacks like these as my weight was not moving down, and the last blood work I did was not looking good.

The liver biopsy I had earlier that year also did not look great.

There was no improvement.

I was worried about the future and about how I would cope.

But what was I to do?

Medication wasn’t working out for me.

Nothing I tried had positively affected my fatty liver, and losing weight was nearly impossible at the time.

I had no choice.

I made a decision to take responsibility for my own health.


I searched for many weeks online and offline for ideas to handle fatty liver in a natural way.

I looked at everything I could find on scarred fatty liver research and every clinical trial on the subject.

I went to my library and borrowed every book I could find on fatty and inflamed liver.

I learned about and researched any nutrition plan, supplement, herb, extract or even homeopathic technique online and offline that was even remotely connected to treating fatty liver.

While cutting off sugar and all refined carbs did make me feel better for a short time, blood tests and an ultrasound clearly showed there was no improvement as far as my fatty liver condition was concerned.

Grandma remedies and tips from online forum members just weren’t going to cut it anymore.

My life was at risk, and I needed a well-researched and proven action plan.

I was about to throw in the towel when something happened that changed everything.

I came upon an old article tucked away in a dusty old book in the library.

It finally pointed me in the right direction to heal my enlarged, fatty liver for good.


The article told a story. A number of researchers in 1987 looked at the fascinating lack of toxic or fatty liver conditions or weight issues and the incredibly long lifespans of the Dards, a Himalayan tribe. They usually lived well beyond 100 years old, despite having a diet that was predominantly fatty meat based (eating mostly yak and goat meat nearly every day).

Countless observers noted that members of the tribe never put on weight or had any health problems, despite consuming an enormous amount of calories.

The researchers were aware that consuming fat in the quantities they did can have a detrimental effect on the liver.

…Yet could find no sign of liver damage in any of the tribe members.


The bottom line was that weight problems and liver disorders seemed to be completely absent in all members of this tribe.

They had never recorded even a single case of enlarged, toxic, or fatty liver or weight issues.

Some people on the research team believed that simple exposure of the liver to high amounts of fat for generations enabled the Dard tribe to be free of any fatty liver issues or weight problems.

However, most of the researchers knew it wasn’t just simple exposure to fats that enabled the Dards to live completely free from fatty liver or weight-related issues.

Members of the Dard tribe who had moved to more industrial areas in neighboring China had been studied and followed as part of the research project.

Even though they had been exposed to large amounts of fats growing up in the tribe – and had not suffered with any fatty liver related conditions – that all changed when they got to civilization and adopted another diet and way of living.

At that moment, everything changed.


There was a research paper written by a curious team of doctors who took the extra time to analyze the dietary and lifestyle habits of the Dards to look for clues as to why they seemed immune to fatty liver.

What they discovered led them further down the road to uncovering the Dard’s secret.

As it turned out, the Dards had a diet that was admittedly full of fat, yet the fat they were eating was ‘healthy fat’ from a variety of all natural sources.


There also were a number of important mineral elements in their diet that were thought to be key when it came to them living free from fatty liver issues.

In the lab experiments on the mineral composition of the blood of Dard members, higher levels of the minerals Selenium and Betaine were found.

They also had a diet rich in foods that support the liver like mountain broccoli, greens and their own version of tofu, which researchers at the time considered important when it came to having a healthy liver.

The results of the research were backed up years later by peer- reviewed scientific research.

For instance:

A University of Illinois study on rats found that soy protein, which is contained in foods like tofu, may reduce fat buildup in the liver. Plus, tofu is low in fat and high in protein.


And broccoli is shown to help prevent the buildup of fat in the liver in mice.

The Dards also consumed a diet that was high in ALA (or Alpha lipoic acid).


Like many tribes in the Himalayas, they consumed many VEGETARIAN foods like spinach and broccoli, green pea, and tomato, which are high in ALA.

Dr. Oz has mentioned on numerous occasions how ALA helps prevent the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Researchers in the original article were sure fatty liver could be eliminated just by adopting some of the simple eating habits of the Dards and by practicing some of the unique exercises they had been doing on a daily basis. For these reasons, inflamed fatty liver conditions never developed in the tribe, EVER.

And much of what they discovered has been born out by modern research today.

This meant nobody would need fatty liver drugs today or have to put up with the awful side effects.

At the end of the article, the researchers stated their promise to go public with the findings.

I don’t think I ever felt so much joy and excitement.

It had been a long road, but now it seemed like there was a chance to live free from the danger and debilitating symptoms of fatty liver.

But the questions loomed in my mind.

Why hadn’t I heard of this research?

Why hadn’t any doctors told me about this?

It could have made people’s lives so much easier and could have saved people a lot of suffering.


After searching many libraries and online and offline research sources, I couldn’t find mention of the research team anywhere. I needed to find the complete documented research paper they had plans to publish back in 1987.

However, it was nowhere to be found. That’s when I decided to get in contact with the researchers.

There was an opportunity here for anyone to eliminate fatty liver completely and naturally with no drugs, and optimize their health and wellbeing.

This wasn’t an opportunity I was going to let slip by.


I proceeded to write countless emails and letters to the medical schools, universities, and research institutions that were in any way connected with the original fatty liver study on the Dard tribe.

Scores of messages were sent. Nothing came back.

No references or contact details seemed to exist.

It was like they had disappeared.

It made no sense.

These were some of the most well-respected doctors, researchers, and scientists in the area of liver health at the time.

How could there be no trace of them?

And suddenly – at the very moment I was beginning to lose hope – something miraculous happened.

I got an email.


It said.

“Hi John.

I heard you were looking for the results from the fatty liver research on the Dards tribe.

Here is my number...”

There was no signature on the email.

So I took my phone out – fingers trembling with excitement – and dialed the phone number.

What happened next was one of the most insightful, fascinating conversations for me, ever, with one of the most eloquent, intelligent men I have ever talked to.


He asked me to respect his privacy and leave his name out of further communication.

For the sake of this conversation, I’m going to refer to him as Curador.

That’s actually Spanish for ‘healer,’ as this man had a hint of a Spanish accent.

And I told Curador, I would keep his identity hidden.

He had dedicated all of his life to researching natural ways to clear ailments from the human body.

He had studied in top American Universities like Johns Hopkins medical school.

And the liver health was his specialty.

The liver is ‘the master organ’ he told me.

Your liver is the second most important organ in your body - after the brain.


Curador also explained that when your liver is toxic, fatty, and diseased, your body starts storing fat instead of turning your food into energy, making it difficult to lose weight.


Your fatty liver also causes your blood sugar to be thrown out of whack, and it puts you at risk for inflammation, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Curador also said that fatty liver causes your blood to become toxic. Simply put, toxins that are not processed properly by the liver travel to other organs such as the lungs, arteries, skin, and the heart. This process poisons your entire body.

However, when you get rid of the built-up fat in your liver, your metabolism will function as it should.

Your blood will become much less toxic, and you will be able to dramatically lose weight quickly. You will also notice your hair and skin becoming healthier along with an abundance of energy.


Thousands of people benefited from Curador’s research findings and recommendations on having a healthy liver.

His own parents lived to 111 and 105 following his advice.

As we were talking, he explained that when the study had been conducted on a test group of 413 Dard tribe members, the research team did in fact return home to conduct further studies on fatty liver.

While working in a top-level medical school research center, they started to trial their findings from the Dard group on another test group in the USA of 1600 people who suffered from mild to severe fatty liver disease.


On the verge of just 15 days, the experiment’s results were astonishing.

90% of the group were no longer suffering from fatty liver symptoms after that time period and the remaining 10 percent had no symptoms after another 17 days.

And this last group was suffering from a very severe form of fatty liver that was not responding to any medication or supplement.

When the results came in, they were way beyond what any member of the team was hoping for.


They knew their discovery was going to change the lives of fatty liver sufferers for good, making it possible for people with fatty liver of any age to be free from the condition and the debilitating side effects of the drugs.

This was exciting stuff.


So exciting, in fact, that the team of researchers applied for funding from a larger medical school so they could replicate their results in a larger setting and get those results published worldwide.

The team knew they were on the cusp of a massive breakthrough and waited with bated breath for an answer from the research institution.

And to their surprise and massive disappointment...

The answer was NO.

“No,” I said, “WHY?”

What happened was this, Curador explained:


The head researchers at the new bigger medical school loved the research findings privately and thought it could really change the way fatty liver is treated worldwide, but the top bosses turned it down flat.

And the reason?

Because it did not involve the use of pharmaceutical medication.

Here’s what happened...

Curador explained that the bulk of funding for the medical school at the time came from top pharmaceutical giants, and they were told in no uncertain terms that they could not support any research that did not involve the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Appalled at what had happened, all the doctors involved in the research quit and were never heard from again.

The way the man explained it on the phone made sense to me.

After all, Big Pharma is there is treat your symptoms and keep you hooked on their medication.


Medications like Betaine, Urso Forte, and Actigall.

They make billions of dollars from these drugs.

A natural treatment for fatty liver, proven to categorically clear the condition without expensive pharmaceutical drugs, is useless to them.

I want to give you have some idea about what a cash cow the liver health business is for Big Pharma.

According to official statistics, 70 to 90 million people have some form of fatty liver disease.

That’s about 22% to 27% of the US population.

There is also a massive market in treating the side effects or fallout from having fatty liver, like the money that’s made every year in ‘business run hospitals’ from treating all the conditions associated with the disease.

Any solution that is all natural and highly effective is a massive threat to Big Pharma’s business.

And that’s exactly what the findings of these brave research scientists had done.

When Curador realized what was happening to his work, he made a decision to go public with his research findings.


Curador decided to let as many people as possible know about his solution to healing fatty liver – without the need for medication or hospitals or expensive treatments.


It could be completely healed naturally.

His actions were not without consequence though.

He started receiving threatening phone calls, menacing messages from strangers, and threatening anonymous letters.

Eventually, he and his family had to hide.

He had not talked about this since.

The risk was just too great.

I listened more and got angrier with every sentence.

He felt sorry for me I guess, as I explained how this condition was affecting my life and my family, and he knew all too well about the debilitating side effects of the medication I was on.

Finally, he decided to let me see the results of his research.

There was a one condition though.

“This did not come from me,” he muttered quietly down the line. “I accept no legal responsibility for this information I’m giving you. This is completely on you.”

I agreed.

About 3 to 4 days later, a large parcel arrived by post.


I knew immediately what it was and went to tear it open like an excited kid at Christmas.

Inside there were a number of printed pages from the Dard tribe experiments.

The ‘anti fatty liver’ diet was a core part of the findings.

And everything they eat was laid out in a simple-to-follow plan, including readily available foods and ingredients anyone can access and all the easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.


A section on supplements also mentioned how many to take and when to take them to start to restore the liver’s health to full working capacity immediately. 


There was also a series of simple exercises the Dards would do that have the potential to prevent any occurrence of fatty liver and maintain a healthy fully functioning liver. 

These exercises were later found in the research in the medical college also to be extremely effective at eliminating fatty liver symptoms in the test group studied and optimizing liver health and performance.

These exercises have a profound effect on restoring normal liver function as they make sure the liver operates at peak capacity.


I committed to following the simple step by step plan. 

And then I waited.

The first few days passed, and I still felt a little tired and sluggish.

But the man I talked to said it would generally take about 14 days before I would see a difference, so I waited some more.

Then on the 8th day, something amazing happened.


I started to feel my energy levels soar.

My mental fog lifted, and I even started to notice some weight loss from my stomach and love handles.

The joint pain I had eased, and I had more stamina.

19 days into the plan and there was no more sickness and no more pain.

My skin, hair, and nails looked shiny and new.

My energy levels increased all the time, and I felt a well-being flood over me that I had never experienced before.

After 14 years of suffering from fatty liver the nightmare was finally over.


Jenny, my wife, was amazed.

My family were absolutely amazed.

My doctor was shocked.

On my next checkup that month, I told him what was happening.

He ran some checks on my cholesterol and blood sugar and blood pressure.

He took some body fat measurements.

I did another ultrasound.

Then he ran the numbers again as he could not believe his eyes.

“Did you use any medication?” he said.

“Nothing,” I said.

How did you lose that much weight so quickly?

A smile crept across my mouth.

I wanted to make sure the results were permanent.

So I waited a month.

Then another month.

Then another 3 months.

And then the doc did more tests. The results were the same. Even better this time.


It was like I was given a new young top performing liver in return for the old sluggish and diseased liver that was in me for years

I was over the moon.

I picked up the phone and called my anonymous friend.

Before I had a chance to let him know the results – 5 little words came spilling out of his mouth.

“No more fatty liver, right?”

“Yes,” I said.

And no more medication with horrible side effects?

I was overcome with emotion.

Laughter and tears flowed together.

“We need to get the word out about this,” I said.

“But they will shut us down,” he said.

“I know, but I must try.” So after getting permission from him, I worked for the next 3 months to turn the treatment protocol for fixing fatty liver into an up-to-date, complete, quick and simple protocol for treating it naturally, without the need to take medication.

I named it.

Fatty Liver Miracle™

Fatty Liver Miracle is a clinically-proven, 5-step holistic solution for healing fatty liver and restoring the liver by fixing the cause of this condition in as little as 21 days (even when all else has failed).


It's backed by nearly 14 years and 65,000 hours of intense research and has been developed, refined, and perfected over 5 years of experimentation.

The program helps you reverse your fatty liver by following 5 simple protocols that are part of daily life for the Dards tribe.

These protocols are like a combination lock for your health that, when opened, heals fatty liver and restores the liver to a healthy state.

Fatty Liver Miracle is an instantly downloadable handbook, detailing every method and step I followed to rid myself of my debilitating fatty liver condition.

I want you to have the same experience – starting today.

Here’s a quick peek inside the program you will get:

The 8-Day Healthy Liver Restoration Blitz

True healing and prevention take time, and when it comes to a diseased liver, not everyone has the time to safely go through the full program. That is why we have included this super effective, super quick, 8-day Fatty Liver Restoration Blitz – to encourage you with dramatic results in a matter of days, decrease the majority of the symptoms you’re experiencing, and give you the time necessary to go through the entire program safely.


The 5-step holistic Fatty Liver Miracle system.

The proven 5-step multi-dimensional and scientifically proven Fatty Liver Miracle (TM) Success System includes Curador’s step by step liver repair protocol that has helped over 37,489 men and women in 157 countries worldwide to restore the liver back into a healthy state in as little as 21 days.


The one secret mindset change every fatty liver sufferer needs to make to heal fatty liver.

This unique yet simple mindset change is so powerful some people have experienced a dramatic relief in their condition (and a huge reduction in blood test figures related to fatty liver) at this stage without taking any further action.


It includes a no-holds-barred look into the Dards’ secret nutritional routine.

Here you get a list of the most complete combinations of foods, nutrients, and natural ingredients, and a set of unique exercises proven scientifically to heal fatty liver – the very same foods eaten by the Dards who have a zero incidence of fatty or toxic liver in their population – EVER.

This is a 100% unique approach in Fatty Liver Miracle, and this food listing is not available elsewhere.


It includes the 4 things you MUST do right now before even attempting to heal fatty liver naturally (Skip even just ONE of these and you're decreasing your chances of healing fatty liver by 94%!)


Discover one trick that will give you the ability to absorb sunlight and turn it into energy. Can you believe this?


How to naturally open your sweat pores and release excess waste from your body to help your liver heal and recover.


You will also discover the vital importance of 3 nutritional supplements and 5 key herbal remedies for treating and healing fatty liver.

The ingredients in the unique Dards nutritional protocol are designed to restore the nutritional balance your body needs to knock out any nausea symptoms, back pain, or abdominal swelling.

You will be getting a specialized set of ingredients in this protocol that are easy to find and part of most people’s diet, but when you combine them the effect is to dramatically reduce and eliminate fatty liver symptoms and optimize health.


Learn about the top 7 worst foods you should never eat when you are struggling to heal fatty or enlarged liver. Did you know, for example, that there is a particular beverage that can decrease your chances of healing fatty liver by 50%?


How to maintain a healthy fully functioning liver while protecting it from fatty deposits and toxic overload 365 days a year.


And much, much more…

And think about how great you will feel when you optimize your liver health and performance...


I get countless letters and phone calls from customers telling me how much of a difference this program has made to their lives. In fact, Fatty Liver Miracle has the largest collection of verifiable photo testimonials of any fatty or toxic liver treatment system online. That is only one of the key differences that sets this course apart from everything else you will find online: A track record of consistently delivering results!

Thousands of men and women are free from the debilitating symptoms and dangers of fatty liver disease.

People like Mike Parker from
Birmingham, UK.


He dramatically reduced his cholesterol in 12 days and then completely healed his fatty liver after another 10 days.

He also came off drugs to control his cholesterol and triglycerides like Lescol and Mevacor.

He used to get sick easily and felt tired most of the time.

He was also overweight and struggled to lose excess pounds.

But he no longer suffers from any of these health problems.

His skin is smooth and clear, and he no longer has skin discolorations.

His brain fog is also gone.

He feels younger and is in great shape simply because he has completely healed his diseased liver.

And he has dramatically lowered his risk of liver failure, cancer, or a heart attack.

He was diagnosed with fatty liver and suffered for 7 years before coming across my solution.

He remains free from fatty liver to this day.

Or Jeffrey Marks, from
Columbus, Ohio.


He was diagnosed with an enlarged and inflamed fatty liver, and it has dramatically affected his life ever since.

He suffered from brain fog, lack of energy and tiredness for years.

He was nauseous and had no appetite.
And he had yellowish skin.
He had headaches, confusion, impaired judgment, and trouble concentrating.

After just 2 weeks and 3 days on the Fatty Liver Miracle program, he was completely free from the condition.

His cholesterol has dropped by 3 points, and he no longer has impaired judgment or confusion. He’s very focused and feels energized all the time. His skin has also regained its natural color.

He came off Lipitor and Zocor, which he was using to lower his cholesterol, and he feels younger and healthier than ever.

And then there was Amanda Coutier from Perth, Australia.


After being diagnosed with fatty liver, she struggled to continue with a normal life and hated the extra 120 pounds she was carrying and the crippling, tired, sluggish feelings.

Amanda was also hungry all the time, constantly snacking on sugary or starchy foods. She also got sick very often and used to get bruised easily due to her condition.

She also found the medication she was on, Betaine, was causing nausea and upset stomach.

Amanda found my solution, and after 3 weeks on the Fatty Liver Miracle program ... her life changed.

After 7 weeks on the program, she became 100% fatty liver free and now has her life back.

She had lost 67 pounds of stubborn body fat.

Got clearer, smoother skin.

She’s hardly ever sick and feels a renewed zest for life.

Her liver is now in peak shape, and she has also reduced her liver cancer risk dramatically and no longer puts on weight like before.

Her chances of liver cirrhosis and cancer are also a fraction of what they once were.

Stories like this come flowing in from every corner of the world, all the time, with people telling me about how this program has given them their health and their lives back.


Considering the feedback we are getting and the risk we are taking to get this information out there...

You can appreciate why we were considering charging $597 for this program.

I mean, every part of the program is proven scientifically to eliminate fatty liver from your life for good and optimize liver health and performance.

If you piece all of the different elements of the program together…

Eat the right foods at the right dosages...

… and do a small number of exercises at the right time...

The awesome power of this program is simple to see.

Please understand though, I did not create this program for the money.

That was the last thing on my mind.

After discovering this method myself and suffering for years with debilitating fatty liver, I could not live with myself if I did not make an attempt to share it with other people.

I would also hate for price to be an issue for you here.

To be priced out of this solution because, for some reason or another, you could not afford it.

No, I could not have that.

So I will not ask you for $597 today, or even half of that, or half of that again.

Or even half of that again.


You can instantly download the Fatty Liver Miracle today for just $37.

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That’s just the bare amount for me to cover the expense of getting this information together, putting it out there, and the advertising.

Order right now and you’ll be taken to an order page.

After that you will be directed to the member’s page where you will have full access to the Fatty Liver Miracle program.

And I’m not finished yet.

I get that you might be just a bit skeptical at the moment.

I mean, your doctor and Big Pharma have been telling you for years that fatty liver can only be treated with medication or by significantly losing weight.

Fatty liver is a billion-dollar business for them and other businesses like the media, who frequently advertise their drugs on TV.

This kind of billion-dollar marketing has brainwashed many of us into believing taking drugs is the only solution to all our problems.

I completely understand any skepticism.

Drug companies need you thinking like that.

They do not want you to believe it’s possible for you to live fatty liver free with just some simple natural adjustments to your diet and exercise regime.

I totally get it.

So I’ve decided to banish that skepticism right now by giving you an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s how that works....

I personally guarantee you that you will be absolutely delighted with the Fatty Liver Miracle Program.

I invite you to ‘test-drive’ it for 60 days.


If you are not absolutely thrilled and don’t see your fatty liver symptoms diminishing immediately and disappearing in the next 60 days (often a lot sooner), you can change your ‘maybe’ to an emphatic ‘NO’ and get a FULL 100% refund.

No one will ask you any questions. No Hassle. No ‘fine print’. Simple and straightforward; you are 100% delighted with what you get, or I want you to ask for a full refund.


This is the fairest guarantee I can give.

Basically, I am prepared to let you be the judge, jury, and executioner if I’m wrong.

So go ahead and click the order button right now and test drive Fatty Liver Miracle for the next 60 days.

Do it now.

As in right now.

Big Pharma is bound to hear about this.

They have deep pockets to pay for legal costs to take this information down, so I’m not sure how much longer I can keep them off my back.

Order right now and I can give you a very special bonus you’re going to love.


It’s called ‘the Perfect Vision Protocol’

Whether you suffer from shortsightedness, long-sightedness, blurry vision or even day to day struggles with your vision then the Perfect Vision Program is something I'm sure you'll be excited to get your hands on.

Written by renowned off-the-grid doctor Dr. Chen. It details the exact, unusual but powerful method used by now over 34,000 people to naturally and safely restore their 20-20 vision in just 14 days.

This technique has caused a CRAZE in the eyecare industry, and thanks to this guide more and more people every day are throwing their glasses and contacts away and living a life of perfect, crystal clear vision.

It normally sells for $67.

You get it free today when you order the Fatty Liver Miracle program.

If you order right now – as in today – I will give you 3 months personal counseling with me.

Image Link Image

This is worth a minimum of $500, the amount I charge for just one counselling session with me.

Inside these counselling sessions, you are free to ask me anything about your personal situation or any other questions you have about fatty liver.

I can give you all the inside tips and tricks I have learned about eradicating fatty liver from treating myself and thousands of other people successfully.

Many people find these sessions invaluable for identifying and working successfully with their own fatty liver symptoms.

I only have space to personally counsel a small number of people, so you do have to act now to make sure you secure this amazing bonus.

You have 3 options right now


Option one: You can keep taking your drugs to try to get control over your fatty liver problem.


Option two would be to seek out some of the last remaining members of the Dard tribe used in the study.

Or to travel to the Himalayas and conduct your own study.

You could then analyze their nutrition and the simple exercises they use to maintain a healthy liver.

That would eventually allow you to work out which natural foods, supplements, and minerals and the specific amounts of each you need to rid yourself of fatty liver.

Just think how expensive that would be and how much of your time it would take up.


Option 3 is the simplest option by far. 
And the easiest.
Invest a measly $37.

Simply take a risk-free test drive of Fatty Liver Miracle so you can give me a chance to prove to you how effective it is at stopping this health problem for good. 

Just imagine for a second your life without fatty liver.

Picture what it would be like not to have to experience tired sluggish feelings anymore, extra weight, mental fog, or trouble focusing or concentrating anymore.

Picture your life free from worry about health issues like cancer, heart attacks, diabetes or strokes, which are directly connected to fatty liver.

Imagine being able to do the regular things normal people do all the time.

Like exercising and eating what you like.

Or maybe going out and socializing like you used to.

Just click the order button below right now.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Are you here still?

I completely get it.

You more than likely have some questions.

Most people’s first question to me is what EXACTLY do I get after ordering Fatty Liver Miracle today?

You will receive the downloadable Fatty Liver Miracle guide, which includes the 8-day healthy liver restoration blitz and the scientifically proven 5-step holistic Fatty Liver Miracle system based on 14 years of research conducted on the Dards tribe.

Along with that, you will receive the digital version of “Perfect Vision Protocol”…

… and don’t forget the 3 months of personal counselling with me.

People also ask…

Hey Earl, If this is so great for stopping fatty liver, why have the pharmaceutical companies not licensed out the product themselves?

The answer here is simple.

You cannot license natural ingredients, diet, or any nutrition plan.

There is no profit in it for them... period.

Even worse…

When a new natural solution comes out for treating any condition, Big Pharma will do everything in its power to discredit it. Make it seem unsafe. Or use any path, legal or illegal to shut it down. They need you to keep needing to take their drugs.

They have one priority, and that is making profit for their shareholders.

Your welfare comes a distant second.

Another question I get is... Is there a risk here?

The answer there is an emphatic NO.

Absolutely not.

Every part of the Fatty Liver Miracle product is 100% natural.

There is nothing chemical or artificial.

Plus, there is no risk on your part because you have a 60-day money back guarantee.

People ask: does this work for both men and women?

The answer there is a yes.
These techniques and insider secrets for ridding yourself of fatty liver work equally well for both men and women

I have also got this question: I’m over 60; will I be able to do this program? Is age a factor here in how effective this program is...?

The answer there is ABSOLUTELY NOT. It simply does not matter what age you are or how long you have had fatty liver. This solution works for anyone of any age.

Another question I get sometimes is… is my credit card and personal information safe?


Absolutely. When you click the button you’ll be taken to ClickBank’s 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information are electronically processed without compromise. ClickBank is a top 100 global retailer, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and trusted with over 200 million customers in more than 190 countries

Some people ask me... Can I use PayPal to check out?

The answer is Yes. You can securely purchase the Fatty Liver Miracle system using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card when you click on the button and a new page opens with your own private, secure checkout area.

You may also be wondering... will I be billed more than once?

Absolutely not. You just have a one-time secure payment and you’ll be the owner of this program for good.

You may also be wondering... What kind of results can I expect with the Fatty Liver Miracle?

Typically, people see their symptoms disappear within the first week of being on the program. We recommend following it for a full 21 to 42 days, however, to ensure that you get the maximum benefits.
And don’t forget… this is a risk-free investment here.

Let me take a moment here to remind you about the terms of that guarantee again:

Once you’ve decided to try Fatty Liver Miracle for yourself, you’ll have a full 60 days to use it. There’s no risk at all during this time. You simply give it a shot and just see how incredible and life-changing the results are.

You’ll see your fatty liver symptoms gradually decrease within a week and your liver completely healed within 3 to 6 weeks, but you still get an entire two months to make your decision.

If, for any reason, you change your mind about this guide at any point during those two months, all you need to do is send an email to the address I’ll give you and I will instantly refund your entire investment with no questions asked.

Okay, maybe you’re thinking... I’m ready. How do I get started?

Just click the “Add to cart” button you see below this video, and you’ll be taken to the secure checkout page I have set up where you’ll enter your basic info. Once you’ve done that, you get instant access to the food lists, the cleanse guide, the daily anti fatty liver exercises and everything else. You’ll be able to view the entire guide right on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. You can also download it or print out as many copies as you like.

And, like I just mentioned, you’ll be covered by a full 2-month money-back guarantee, which is why there is absolutely nothing to lose, and why you should go ahead and click that “Add to cart” button you see right now.

And finally, many people ask... How long will the program be around?

The answer is: I simply do not know.

However, I have already received a cease and desist letter from one Big Pharma company.

And more are bound to follow... so I doubt this page will be up for very long.

So the bottom line is... You need to hurry.

Hit the instant access button below right now and start your journey to a fatty liver free life today.

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